A Great Gettin’-Up Morning

“Have. Faith. In. God.” The periods are mine, but it was my pastor’s charge. He issued it March 15 on our first worship-at-home Sunday morning, more than nineteen weeks ago.  That day, my peeps and I had congregated in our pajamas. It seemed like a holiday of sorts, an opportunity to truly enjoy a Sabbath rest, focusing on the service […] Read More

Boasting in Weakness

The latest in our Creates series features an interpretation of heritage and how our self-perceived ‘weaknesses’ may just be the best things about us. For That’s What She’s theme on Heritage, I drew an image of Inuyasha contrasting his human form and demon form.  If anyone is familiar with the character Inuyasha, he struggles with his identity as half-human and […] Read More


We’re so excited to share the first piece in our newest ‘Heritage’ series by finding strength and inspiration in the past. Read below as our dear friend Julie paints a beautiful picture of our identities shaped by the bravery that shines through the humblest of moments. ‘quietBrave’ A term I coined because brave does not require flashy, which is good […] Read More

Worth It All

worth it all

“Will it hurt?” This used to be a frequent question of mine, though I phrased it differently over the years. “What will this cost me?” “What’s at stake?” “Who will I lose?” “Will this be worth it?” In my younger days, if any of those questions produced an undesirable answer, then off I’d go, as far away as possible from […] Read More