That’s What She is thrilled to introduce our Creates series with a special collaboration with Christina Shin. Inspired by Psalm 27, Christina illustrates God’s sovereignty. In her own words:

Psalm 27 forest

That’s what she creates:

Psalm 27 has many contrasting elements throughout the chapter.  Light and salvation versus fear and being afraid, battle versus victory. Confidence against opposing odds, and finding beauty in dark places. Therefore, I wanted my painting to show contrasting elements. Darkness in the forest is pierced through by bright rays of moonlight, dead and dying trees next to large, strong, living trees, and most importantly a small, girl enjoying the beauty of the moonlight on the waters.  She is confident and not afraid though darkness surrounds her. The light of the moonlight, representing God’s light of salvation, is resting upon her, and she has found the “goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” (Psalm 27:14).

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About the artist:

Christina Shin grew up in a small suburb in Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Chicago for 3 years, and is currently exploring her roots in Korea.  She always had a knack for adventure and loves to turn her imaginations into reality. She finds her release in art as a way to express her imagination otherwise trapped in her brain.  Christina has experienced the vast wonders of God through her many adventures, and has experienced God’s love through the love of her family and friends. She believes God has given everyone a special talent and hopes that everyone will discover theirs to ultimately glorify God!

Calling all artists and creatives – that means you! If you would like to contribute to our “Creates” series we would love to hear from you.

8 Replies to “Creates: Psalm 27 Forest

    1. Thank you Telena! The crazy thing is that we were brainstorming at the same time you were working on your piece, and wen we read your content it was striking how closely our visions overlapped! How wonderful and mysterious are His ways that the imagery of a forest spoke to so many of us, and what a reminder that God truly sees and displays His love for us in the most intimate ways.

      1. Wow! So amazing! When I saw it I not only thought it was beautiful but I thought how much more it reflected my piece than any photo ever could. Knowing what you just shared gives me goosebumps!!! God is marvelous!

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