When God Moves You

When God Moves You

So, we’re digging out and through our mile-high and -wide stack of moving boxes. Every other minute I’ve asked myself, “Why did we bring this? Why did we keep that?” Newly motivated (i.e. overwhelmed) by this sea of cardboard, I’ve re-homed or chucked things I originally thought I couldn’t live without, such as: Old paper bags I saved to make […] Read More

Choosing Joy

Rejoice always; I will say it again, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. (Philippians 4:4-5) Seasons come and seasons go. Fall is settling in, making itself at home. The gray rain falls unceasingly, washing away memories of bright sunlight and blue skies. As nature changes its seasons, so too does my life […] Read More

Creates: Psalm 27 Forest

That’s What She is thrilled to introduce our Creates series with a special collaboration with Christina Shin. Inspired by Psalm 27, Christina illustrates God’s sovereignty. In her own words: That’s what she creates: Psalm 27 has many contrasting elements throughout the chapter.  Light and salvation versus fear and being afraid, battle versus victory. Confidence against opposing odds, and finding beauty […] Read More

That’s What She: Creates

That’s What She exists as a platform and network for people around the world to express their God-given talents. Creationism, the desire to build something with our own hands and create something out of nothing, is inherently within us, for we are ourselves the product of the ultimate Creator. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all […] Read More

God Who Never Changes


We begin our journey into Psalm 27 with an illustration of change. What do we put our faith in when the path ahead twists unexpectedly and precariously, exposing the shadows that lurk within? In my youth, the word “change” was synonymous with adventure; and the world was like a beautiful, mysterious forest waiting to be explored. I didn’t seek the […] Read More

Finding God in the Numbers

Sometimes it seems as if God shows up in the least expected moments or circumstances. But maybe it’s more the case that God is everywhere and we are merely explorers stumbling upon glittering treasures.  Growing up, when my friends were turning sixteen, we heard stories of kids getting cars or huge parties with swimming pools, DJs, and Beyonce. So you […] Read More