My dear friend,

There is so much pain in the world isn’t there? So many external forces wreaking corruption, brokenness, violence, and death. We look to our national borders and experience dissension, hatred, and prejudice. We look beyond our shores and witness violence, turmoil, oppression. We look to our social networks and find insecurity, argument, distrust. We look within only to find brokenness. Talk with anyone and likely they’ll agree that the systems governing the human race are flawed. It sometimes seems inevitable that mankind will destroy itself, squandering resources on weapons of war and hedonistic desire.

And yet, as we grow, conversations take on new levels of depth that come from places of suffering, survival, and conquest. Friends share vulnerably about hard truths like brokenness, failure, experiences with physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, depression, body image, suicide, loss, and grief. Yet these same men and women have joy in their hearts, give generously of themselves and their resources, are leaders in their fields and households, and inspire countless others with their grace and intellect. Where does this strength come from? Certainly not from a broken world of sin and misaligned incentives. And certainly not from any other human on this earth.

I’ve come to learn that this inner strength stems ultimately from a relationship centered on faith and trust in a God who loves the world and its people unconditionally. Who sees not the brokenness and sin that we berate ourselves for in the mirror, but adorns us with steadfast truth and love — truth not about ourselves, but about Himself. Who refutes our best arguments with irrefutable gentleness, seeking to penetrate our hard hearts with His unmerited grace.

In truth we do not suffer well. Often it’s a pity party replete with ugly crying and selfish desires. But in those moments how beautiful the opportunity to reach upwards with supplication and prayer. It may be more often than not we hear nothing but our own broken voices repeating mantras: Help me. Save me. Love me. And God gently teaches us that those desperate pleas come from a self-centered heart. His presence reminds that God has already helped us, has already saved us, and will love us through time eternal. The weight of this love is heavy in its responsibility, unyielding in its persistence, and lightens the hardship of living in this temporal world.

And so forms the genesis of ‘That’s What She’ (TWS) — a platform for truth, authenticity, and community to share, navigate, and celebrate the vicissitudes of life with one another, ultimately pointing ourselves to Christ and worshiping even when our feet fail us.

Why That’s What She?

Through the years we have met incredible women and men who have challenged and redefined what it means to be a woman. In truth there are more questions than answers. Yet from these conversations stem a collective desire to encourage one another and turn crude, debasing phrases like ‘that’s what she said’ into an empowered call to action: that’s what she says, thinks, inspires, creates – stories that define, empower, ignite. Together we can amalgamate a sequence of myriad ‘that’s what she ___’ statements to define who she is and who we are as a humanity.

Who is That’s What She?

At its core we are a team of friends dedicated in our pursuit of seeking and reflecting Christ’s love in our everyday lives, whether that’s in the workplace, the household, and in our communities. We are storytellers, willing to be vulnerable with one another in our collective journeys. But more importantly we are flawed individuals whose pages are filled with light and darkness, victory and pain — but aren’t we all?

Partaking in the journey

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds’ (Hebrews 10:24).

My friend, we have traversed many roads, some together, many separately. What a wealth of experience that weaves richly through our paths. Will you consider joining this one? We make no promises of reward or gain, but humbly ask if you are willing to listen, to discuss, to grow together. Regardless of where these journeys lead, may we continue to love and cheer each other onward, especially when the paths ahead turn dark and dichotomous. Thank you for all of your wisdom, truth, and perseverance in becoming the magnificent women of God that He has created you to be.

With much love,
Your TWS Team

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