That feeling of happiness seems to come and go as the wind, however, biblical joy is unaffected by circumstances or compliments.  It does not sway with daily mood swings. Rather, biblical joy is knowing God, and our God is good, pure, love, and a never-ending, never-changing God.  Because of that, we can always have inner joy in knowing that God will always be the same, and that we can expectantly wait for his kingdom in heaven.

As I was thinking of what to draw for the theme of JOY, I had to think of all the things that made me happy the past few weeks, and I realized that I haven’t been happy as I had a lot of anxious thoughts floating around in my head.  

I am in a season of transition in my life where I have to decide the next steps of my life…in all areas of my life. But there was one thing that I did look forward to daily; I had recently started doing daily devotionals reading the bible and praying.  I would always look forward to this time of devotionals as it gave my soul great peace, comfort, and joy as I would sit in quietness in the Lord’s presence.

At first, I did it just to do it, but as I persisted, the more I felt and longed for God’s presence.  I realized that these times in God’s presence were the definition of JOY for me, knowing that He is always there, always loving, always merciful, and that my salvation has been paid for me at the cross.

This drawing represents, for me the artist, that JOY does not have to be smiles and giggles all the time, but rather JOY can also mean being still in the presence of God, during my small daily devotionals.  Nothing big, nothing special, but just being with the Lord.

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”

Psalm 94:19

Christina Shin is an artist who loves the beauty and creativity of God’s design.  She tries to capture that beauty in her drawings, but she still has a lot to learn!  Aspiring artist, or artist undercover, either one describes Christina. She is currently living in Seoul, South Korea, and is enjoying the plethora of cute coffee shops the city has to offer.  With a cup of coffee and her drawing tablet, there is nothing stopping her!

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